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Great Minds! Tesla and Twain in Nicola’s Lab NYC & Tesla, Einstein and Steinmetz

September 28, 2009


Tesla, Einstein & Steinmetz – three geniuses.  Sometimes this photo is seen without Tesla.  I wonder why.


To those folks that don’t know me. I’m one of those crazy Vietnam Vets, a writer and a photographer. I’m now retired after too many years as an outreach social worker. If you don’t know what that is, just ask.

Please be sure to check out the second blog about one of my experiences is Vietnam.

Above are two of my favorite photographs. one show Mark Twain in Nicola Tesla’s lab in NYC c. 1890. Two Great Minds! And if that isn’t enough the other photo shows Tesla, Einstein and Steiglitz.

I have written an alternative history screenplay involving Tesla, Twain, Edison and others in an alternative universe in which the South won the Civil War.