About Taylor

Taylor on the boardwalk

Taylor on the boardwalk

I’m a Vietnam veteran and I also write novels, poetry, stage plays and screenplays.

I’m currently working with Tom Ferriter of StagePlays Theatre Company to produce a play that he, Ivan Comer and I co-wrote, Thunder and Lightning, Off-Off Broadway within the next two theatrical seasons. Thunder and Lightning reveals the lives, hopes and dreams of the members of a fictional Negro League Baseball team on the day that Jackie Robinson first played in the Major Leagues.

And I’m working on a novel, Jonathan Oliver Barth – an autobiography of a humanzee, an individual who is part human and part chimpanzee, in which the theme of what makes us human is explored; and have nearly completed a ‘coming of age’ novel, Chain of Fools, set on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, which explores the lives of a set of friends in the early 1960’s. I’ve also completed nearly a dozen screenplays – science fiction tales, Viet Nam combat scripts, domestic dramas and stories of WWII Nazi saboteurs and contemporary domestic terrorists. The science fiction scripts include Falling, the tale of a man who dies and is condemned to eternity in Hell unless he can reunite a very dysfunctional rock band and The Wages of Time, a time travel story about a young man who absconds with a time machine to become wealthy so that he can pursue a movie star in the year 2275. Under Broadway, a suspense script about an agent who kills a writer after stealing his script and Valhalla Falls, a script dealing with the foibles of the Boomer Generation, are both designed as simple, low budget films.

I retired in February 2009 as a Forensic/Psychiatric Social Worker for the US Department of Veterans Affairs. I was born on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, but has resided in the New York area for the past thirty-five years.
I am a landscape photographer. Specializing in images shot in the early morning and in the fog, storms and other dramatic weather found in the Highlands and valleys surrounding the Hudson River, I captures the essence of the environment in its varied moods. Photographs from my Fog and Pre-Dawn portfolios were chosen by choreographer and dancer Nomi Bachar to be utilized as a backdrop for a dance piece staged at the Innerlandscapes Dance Theater, Merce Cunningham Studio in New York City.


A boy and his dog

A boy and his dog



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  1. Don Royster Says:

    Thanks for the follow. Uncle Bardie’s Stories & Such is purely entertainment. Hope you enjoy.

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